'Fantasy' from our New 'Day Dream Collection' simply  beautiful and elegant. Featuring a built in cowl neck that continues over the arm teamed with a strappy adjustable back. Our brand new Signature fabric is like no other, soft, flexible and of course flattering. We have adapted this design to have two fits to choose from, you can chose from 'Figure hugging' this sculpts the body or ' Loose fitting' to flatter your figure without the sculpting feel. This allows your Bridal Party to choose their comfort without changing the design on the eye. 

Our 'Day Dream Collection' comes in UK sizes with customised measurments for the perfect fit.

How to measure :

For best results have a friend help you with all measurments. 

(a) Length :

Stand tall, with your chosen shoes for the event day for example your high heels, as this will effect your length measurment. Simply measure down your side, from your underarm down to the floor.

Please take all measurments in Inches.