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Lily Gown, our original gown created to flatter a wide range of bust sizes. The top of the gown gathers in all the right places, perfect for a small or larger bust. The halter neck drops into a simply stunning classic cowl back. The gathering stops at the waistband, flowing down into a figure hugging flattering skirt.


Size - Standard UK sizes from 4-18. Full dress length approx 171cm, based on an average size 8, garding with size.


Colour - Availble in our siganture colours. Custom colour available upon request, please email us for help.


Fabric Information - Due to the nature of this fabric, colour dye batches can differ slightly within the chosen colour shade.


Batch to Batch shade variation

1. Department of Textile Engineering Project Title : Comparison of Batch to Batch Shade Variation Considering Parameters in Knit Dyeing

2. PREPARED BY ©right Name :Textilelab.blogspot.Southe University,Department of Textile Engineering

3.  Shade is the depth of color percentage. Shade is expressed in percentage of dye amount in unit weight of fabric. Shade matching depends on the accuracy of the man's eye. It is a visual process for this reason same shade may have difference comments from different person.

4.  It is the variation of shade or depth of color (hue) in same fabric roll or among different batches. In dyed fabric often shade variation is found. Shade variation may occur selvage to selvage, selvage to center of fabric width or one end of the fabric rolls to another end.  Shading or shade variation is considered as one. Though there is a tolerance is given or set , but it is too tough to maintain the exact same shade among all the batches. 10-15% same hue is the success of acceptance of a Textile Engineer.




  • Strictly no returns


  • Made to Date.

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