We offer a material swatch sample service, this service is simple and easy. Once you select the colours you would like to see,we will post a letter containing small swatches of each colour. 


Please note not all colours/shade come in both 'silk' and 'matt'. If you cannot see a colour you like we can always source colours for you! send us an email for further help. 



Our gowns and signature matieral are both sourced and made in the UK. We have two beautiful materials, although these are the same material we have 2 finishes to choose from. The material itself is soft, elegent and most of all luxurious. We offer a silk finish, this having a slight shine for a silky effect. We also have a matt finish to give a subtle soft look without a shine. The material has a significant amount of stretch for your comfort, we double line all of our dresses to hold you in with a high quality finish. As the material is of a stretchy nature you do not need to worry about slight size changes of your body if this was to be a concern. 


If you have an questions regarding the material colours and finishes please do not hesitate to email our customer service. The customer service team are here to help and give advise. 


Price per 1 colour/1 finish

Material Colour Swatches